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Forums :: M1 & M1EZ8 Controls :: Polarity reversal module for 4 wire smokes

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Polarity reversal module for 4 wire smokes
Posted by russban on 07/02/2009 10:46 AM

I am installing an Elk M1 and I am using 6 GE 449CST smoke detectors and 1 449CSTE (EOLR built in) with the 405-03 12VDC polarity reversal module. The way I read the instructions I should be able to connect terminals 5 (+) and 7(-) on the 405-03 to the "Notification Appliance Circuit" which I would think would be output 2 on the M1. I have gone into the programming menu 07 global sys definitions G26 and set that to yes to produce 12 volts on alarm. When I trip a smoke detector the system goes into alarm but output 2 doesn't go to 12 volts, thus I do not get polarity reversal so the other built in sounders on the smokes do not sound. Am I missing something or misunderstanding how to set this up? any help would be much appreciated!

Re: Polarity reversal module for 4 wire smokes
Posted by ruddin on 11/18/2009 05:55 AM

Hi, Did you get this question resolved? if so, how did you go about doing this? I have the same question! Also, if you have 2 separate loops for smokes, can you use 2 polarity reversal modules? thanks.

Re: Polarity reversal module for 4 wire smokes
Posted by sysrq2000 on 11/12/2010 05:35 AM

Similar situation. I am using System sensor smoke det. in all bedrooms, with the RRS-MOD polarity reversal module, so that when one smoke goes off, all bedrooms will sound to wake everyone. I however, wired the RRS-MOD to output 7 on the M1 due to the fact that Output 2 activates on all alarms, not just fire, and I didnt want the smoke det. sounding on burg. alarm. I set a rule for output 7 to activate on fire alarms only. Whether or not you use output 2, or 7, the problem I have now is when a smoke detector goes into alarm, and the panel activates the alarm, when the RRS-MOD reverses the polarity, the supervisory relay opens, and causes a fire trouble. Since the RRS-MOD pulses the power to create the 3 chirps, then silence fire alarm sound, its causing the fire trouble to repeat several times a second, freaking the M1 out, because it keeps going in and out of fire trouble.

Re: Polarity reversal module for 4 wire smokes
Posted by Polexian on 11/22/2010 03:23 PM

Have you tried connecting the NO circuit directly with a 2.2k ohm resister? That is how I fixed mine.

Re: Polarity reversal module for 4 wire smokes
Posted by begodwin on 11/29/2010 02:15 PM

i have found a solution to your issue, please E-mail me at Ben@graybillinc.com and i can send you a drawing of what i did, it involves 2 ELK 912 relays, and a second resistor, basically when ever the RRS mod is triggered it also triggers 2 other relays and put a resistor before the RRS mod, thus you don't get a fire trouble when the alarm is active, but you will still get a trouble when ever some one takes down a smoke.

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