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Forums :: ELK-RM "Software for User Remote Control" :: Virtual Keyboard Dimming issue

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Virtual Keyboard Dimming issue
Posted by briankelly63 on 03/20/2009 10:35 AM

I am using the M1XEP's built in web application - virtual keyboard. I cannot DIM Leviton HCM06-1DW's (PLC) using the slider in the web application. The switches are configured as extended / dimmer in the M1G. Interestingly, Dim commands to these switches using rules work just fine but when using the virtual keyboard application they do not. Is this a bug or a limitation of the free, built in virtual keyboard application? Seems like a bug... I have some older Switchlincs on the same installation and the slider for dimming works fine on them... PLC commands are being sent as a result of moving the slider but apparently not the correct extended control commands. Thoughts? brianUnderlined TextUnderlined Text

Re: Virtual Keyboard Dimming issue
Posted by bradweeks on 03/20/2009 01:38 PM

The HCM06 only responds to DIM/BRIGHT, ON/OFF, and ALL LIGHTS ON/OFF X-10 commands. They don't respond to PRESET DIM commands. Moving the slider bar for a light in Virtual Keypad or ELK-RMS sends a PRESET DIM command. Therefore the HCM06 doesn't respond when the slider bar is moved (Other than ON or OFF).

Re: Virtual Keyboard Dimming issue
Posted by briankelly63 on 03/20/2009 03:06 PM

Thanks for the reply. Is there a reason it is setup to do only PRESET DIMS even though that is only one of the valid configuration choices? Does the full RM client function differently?

Re: Virtual Keyboard Dimming issue
Posted by bradweeks on 03/23/2009 12:10 PM

When dimming non-Preset Dim X10 devices it is necesary to send a stream of "DIM" commands instead of sending just one command telling the device to go to a certain light level. The M1 can send the "DIM" commands also but we didn't make the TS07 slider try to send the multiple "DIMs" because it isn't always know how many DIM commands it takes to change a dimmer to a certain light level. We concentrated on making the TS07 slider work for light dimmers with the technology that can accept ONE command that could set the light level based on a Percentage (i.e. 50%).

Re: Virtual Keyboard Dimming issue
Posted by bradandersen on 04/11/2009 03:06 PM

Feature Request. Can we get a +/- on the virtual keyboard to DIM X-10 modules? Thanks.

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