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Forums :: ELK-RM "Software for User Remote Control" :: Telnet into M1XEP?

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Telnet into M1XEP?
Posted by sutton7 on 01/27/2009 07:29 AM

I am having trouble communicating with my M1XEP. Does anyone know if there is a way to telnet into it? I created an ARP address but it does not seem to find it. Is there any other way to look inside this? Thanks-

Re: Telnet into M1XEP?
Posted by lciccarello on 01/27/2009 04:22 PM

You can telnet into the open unsecured TCP port, but there's not much point in doing it. It's only useful to see what the board is outputting. You won't have much luck trying to send commands. When you send commands over the unsecured port, they have to be formatted according to the protocol guide. There's no plain-text, human-friendly command-line interface.

Re: Telnet into M1XEP?
Posted by bradandersen on 04/11/2009 03:04 PM

Do you know where I can get the protocol guide? I am interested in writing 3rd-party software. Thanks.

Re: Telnet into M1XEP?
Posted by bradandersen on 04/19/2009 07:19 PM

I found a great PERL module called ElkM1::Control for reading in events from your Elk and translating them to human readable output. Also, the Serial Protocol can be found on the main Elk documentation page.

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