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Forums :: ELK-RM "Software for User Remote Control" :: ElkRM now ElkRMS?

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ElkRM now ElkRMS?
Posted by nerdboytodd on 12/28/2008 08:55 PM

I was just on the product site and noticed that there is a new 2.x version of ElkRM called ElkRMS. Slightly different UI from the looks of the screen shots shown on the site. If I've already purchased the ElkRM (1.x) license does this permit me to download the 2.0 "ElkRMS" version now and use it in the full version mode (not Demo mode)? Thanks, love the product and now that I have an HTC Touch Pro I'm able to use ElkRM on my SmartPhone since it has a 640x480 display. NerdboyTodd

Re: ElkRM now ElkRMS?
Posted by slingshot on 01/02/2009 12:29 PM

downloaded and installed. It removed previous RM version and auto imported the KEY (license) from the previous version. I would write down you product key before installing just in case. Seems to work ok, however already found a bug. It keeps displaying fire trouble when there really is no trouble. I went into elkRP and verified, also bypassed fire zones. Still shows trouble. I really haven't researched or played much more with it yet. Any other input would be great.

Re: ElkRM now ElkRMS?
Posted by nerdboytodd on 01/03/2009 10:45 AM

Thanks, Slingshot. I was expecting one of the Elk engineers to reply back, but it's nice to see the customers are more responsive...;-)

Re: ElkRM now ElkRMS?
Posted by foygroup on 01/09/2009 07:55 AM

Downloaded and installed as well. Several key differences, but I have not read the docs on it yet. The new look is nice, but we need some more screens to match the old system 1) Under Options screen there is no screen for adding or removing buttons, it came in with the main buttons for security and lighting etc, but if I want to add tasks, or outputs, etc, there is no screen to add or delete. 2) Lighting screen no longer has sub screen which allows you to turn lights on with timers, or pick a code and have all lights on for that code. Used to hit the name of the light and sub screen would show. 3) Climate screen shows bigger display for temp sensors, which is great. I like the new setup for it, but the bar under the temp just shows first or last sensor. It needs a button to skip from one to the next, or scroll. You can click on the temp, and a menu of sensors will appear, which I can select any of the six probs I have, but it would be nice to be able to just go from one to the next without a two step process. 4) Security screen, has ready to arm in the text, and will show exit or stay when armed, but there is no red "ARMED" button to show the system is armed like the previous version. I guess I can make changes to the screen skins to change the color of exit & stay, but I liked the armed button. Thanks for the updated interface, is it too soon to ask for a couple tweeks?

Re: ElkRM now ElkRMS?
Posted by davebwi1 on 01/09/2009 08:09 AM

I also finally upgraged my windows Mobile Phone to the Verizon HTC Touch Pro, I was excited because Finally I could use the elk-RM software on my Cell Phone , since this model has 480 x 640. I was very disapointed, in the ELK- RMS version because it now require 800 x 600 resolution!I was hoping they would make the resolution be less not more! to allow more people withouyt VGA displays to use the product....I myself am sadly going back to the 1.X version...

Edited by davebwi1 on 01/09/2009 08:10 AM

Re: ElkRM now ElkRMS?
Posted by cwhitworth on 01/09/2009 10:06 AM

foygroup, 1)You still can add/remove buttons on the main page: There is a logo in the center of the screen that says "M1 BY ELK"... Click and hold this logo until you see the logo say "Page Layout Mode". At this point, if you click the "Options" button, all of your buttons will be displayed on the main page. If you want to hide a button, drag the button off of the left side of the screen. If you want to move a button, drag it where you want it... Click the "M1 BY ELK" logo to take the program go out of "Page Layout Mode"... 2)Trying to find a better way to accomplish this, any suggestions are welcomed! 3)The climate/sensors navigation bar works as follows: Click on the double left/right arrow and you go to first/last page accordingly... Click on the center of the bar and it will allow you to select a specific stat/sensor... Slide your finger from left to right or right to left and it will advance a single page... This isn't intuitive so the next release will have the left/right arrows advance one item at a time instead of going to first/last item. Note that you will see this navigation bar on other pages such as the lighting and outputs page if you have more items then what the page can display. This navigation bar works the same as the one on the climate/sensors page... 4)Getting ready to reply to davebwi1... Read the reply... Thanks for using ElkRMS... I hope you enjoy it... Just remember that this will not be the last release... We are always looking to enhance functionality!

Re: ElkRM now ElkRMS?
Posted by cwhitworth on 01/09/2009 10:25 AM

davebwi1, The new ElkRMS requires at least 800x480 screen resolution... For now... You can see that the major change in the program is graphics. Behind the scenes is the major change. There are NO hard-defined graphics or button locations in the new ElkRMS. We are currently working on a "designer" program that allow people like yourself to design your own look and feel for RMS... This includes changing the size of the program, changing the graphics, designing your own pages, and much more... If you wanted to have say, an "Armed" button on your security page(hello foygroup!)... You'll be able to add this in with the designer... Just note that the "designer" program is a work in progress... It has not been released yet, and we don't have a release date yet... Thanks for your post!!!

Edited by cwhitworth on 01/09/2009 03:08 PM

Re: ElkRM now ElkRMS?
Posted by foygroup on 01/09/2009 11:12 AM

cwhitworth, Thanks...... 1) Pressing the M1 logo worked very well. I was able to follow your instructions and add or remove buttons fine..... 2) I will see what I can come up with for the lighting screen. It was a useful screen, because it could control dimming switches where the slider does not. The slider sends a different signal then the dim command on the second page.... 3) Your instructions for the climate screen worked as well. I was able to slide through all six sensors. Your right, without directions it was not obvious, but it works fine now as well. I think this screen is your best improvement for visuals, it was always too tiny to see the climate readings on the other sensors.... 4) So customizing in Photoshop is not an option right now? I can live with that if an even more flexible customizing option is down the road. My screens are fully customized (as much as possible under the old system) But I always felt limited. Having a fully customizable screen would be worth the wait. Thanks for your prompt answers, I would be glad to work with you on testing the new screen program if you need it.

Edited by foygroup on 01/09/2009 11:14 AM

Re: ElkRM now ElkRMS?
Posted by pcardarelli on 01/10/2009 03:39 PM

Just downloaded and installed RMS on my laptop for an M1Gold system with a 12 Zone Russound System using 2 CAV6.6 Controllers, an ST2S Tuner, and SMS-3 Media Server. I get the "Fire Trouble" when there is no fire zone setup on the system, and I also am having an issue with the Russound control. The first 9 zones of the Russound system work fine, but I get errors when selecting Zones 10-12. These last three zones are uncontrollable. Also, the interface is missing the "MUSIC" button to search music on the SMS-3 Music Server. The user guide describes this button on Page 3-17, but the actual button doesn't exsist. Any help would be great.

Re: ElkRM now ElkRMS?
Posted by slingshot on 01/20/2009 11:28 PM

yep, I mentioned this in the second post (above). Still no info. Be nice if tech would respond to a glitch post than to preempt it addressing how to move buttons around (not that that's any less important)but a fault to a customer means a service call for nothing- Guess 100 more dealers need to call in..... I've got 1 fire zone configured (and in working order) in the test system and the RMS still says Fire Trouble.

Re: ElkRM now ElkRMS?
Posted by h0mebrew on 03/23/2009 10:41 AM

Is there any update on the progress of the "designer" program that allows you to change the layout of RMS? This is the only thing holding me back from upgrading.

Re: ElkRM now ElkRMS?
Posted by bradweeks on 03/23/2009 11:40 AM

Progress is continuing but no timeline as to when it will be available.

Re: ElkRM now ElkRMS?
Posted by h0mebrew on 03/24/2009 10:45 AM

Thank you sir. Fingers are crossed.

Re: ElkRM now ElkRMS?
Posted by pcardarelli on 04/25/2009 10:25 PM

Any update on the RMS issues posted here? I had to revert back to RM since the RMS I setup wasn't working properly. Fire trouble never goes away, and still can't figure out error when using zones 10 thru 12 on the 12 zone music system (2 - Russound CAV6.6's)

Re: ElkRM now ElkRMS?
Posted by nfsnz100 on 05/08/2009 12:07 AM

We have just upgraded our TS07 Touchscreen on our demo panel in our office and just about everything seems to work apart from the security screen. When ever we select teh security button we get an error box up saying "Error ELKRM.EXE, Index out of Range Exception at ELKRM.CSECURITY_Update.Fkey_Button() At ELKRM.picTransperrant.Fkey-Change() At ELKRM.Mupdate_button.updateallbuttons()" This continues on for some further 5 or 6 lines and the only option is to quit which shuts down the RMS software. All other buttons work fine, just not teh security one. We are running the RMS software off a 64mb compact flashcard, is this the issue? The other issue noted is when running RMS on a PC which seems to be no problem, when we click on the status button on the security screen we just get a blank display, no status events like in the old RM Software. Sugestions?

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