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Forums :: ELK-RM "Software for User Remote Control" :: M1G - how to announce counter value

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M1G - how to announce counter value
Posted by dtreyes on 07/04/2008 11:43 AM

Can you please let me know if it is possible to announce the counter value. Also can you please explain how to use [say number] under voice message vocabulary.

Re: M1G - how to announce counter value
Posted by wharris on 03/13/2009 11:12 AM

1. Using RP, create a Text String under automation. Click on "Texts" and then click on "New". Then type in your test string. "HVAC1 Heat" for example. Then click on the drop down button for Insert and select "Counter Value". Now, select the desired counter you wish to display from the drop down list below Insert. Click "OK" to save. 2. Create a rule. I used an unused output to trigger the WHENEVER portion of the rule. I used "SEND TEXT TO KEYPAD" for the THEN portion of the rule. Whenever HVAC1 Heat (Out 57) STATE IS TURNED ON THEN DISPLAY "HVAC1 Heat |% CTR1 %|" IN Harris Residence (Area 1) INDEFINITELY, [*] CLEARS When I toggle the output, the selected counter value is sent to the text on the Keypad. I have not found a way to "speak" the value or display the value on the TS07. I also have not found a way to include the data in an Email.

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