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Forums :: ELK-RM "Software for User Remote Control" :: Video Link

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Video Link
Posted by jdabincharlotte on 06/13/2008 04:01 PM

Would someone be willing to test this link (http://m.wund.com/auto/mobile/NC/Charlotte.html?feature=zoomradar) in a TS07 and let me know what to put into RM Setup to get it to work? I have set it up as a custom camera and put it as image capture. The best I can get is "connecting" when I run RM. I feel like I am missing something obvious... Thanks.

Re: Video Link
Posted by dlamb on 06/13/2008 11:43 PM

I tried but I wasn't able to get your link to work with the TS07 either. I can offer the following weather links for the Charlotte area that I use with my ELK-TS07: Click Text Here and Click Text Here
  • http://weather.yahoo.com/images/us_avl_closeradar_medium_usen.jpg
  • http://radar.wunderground.com/data/640x480/2xradarc5.gif
RM Setup as "custom" camera type, and "image capture" for camera stream type.

Edited by dlamb on 06/13/2008 11:47 PM

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