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Forums :: M1 & M1EZ8 Controls :: firmware 4.6.4 problem

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firmware 4.6.4 problem
Posted by henkjohn1 on 06/05/2011 11:00 AM

I presently have m1g firmware version 4.6.2 and bootloader 3.3.6 and everything works well. tried to update mig to 4.6.4 (to allow m1xep to upgrade as I am a couple versions behind)Assuming I should do the m1g panel before the m1xep) already upgraded elkrp to the latest - 2.0.8 problem when I use the firmware on the new site: appears that everything connects, new bin file is seen in correct place when I connect to panel and appears to completely load but when finished does not automatically reboot. when clicking done, tries to reconnect then gets error message saying firmware erased,download again; I have downloaded the firmware again, and executed file again assuming it overwrites the old file when it moves it to the elkrp directory but it fails each time I try to upgrade from panel send/receive. When I go back to the previous version everything works again. Never have had any problems doing upgrades on any elk devices before. My m1xep version is 1.3.10. Haven't tried the newest (not ul approved) version 4.6.6

Edited by henkjohn1 on 06/05/2011 11:03 AM

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