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Forums :: M1 & M1EZ8 Controls :: M1XEP will not maintain IP configuration

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M1XEP will not maintain IP configuration
Posted by jefoley on 01/08/2011 12:02 PM

I have been experiencing a strange problem with my M1XEP over the last month or so. It will not maintain its IP configuration for more than a few days. No matter how I have it set, it reverts to Static IP with the default IP address. Here is what I have tried.

1. Set it to DHCP with my router set to MAC assigned IP address (the MAC address of the Elk should always get the same IP). This works correctly after going through the jumper power-up scenario to put the M1XEP back in DHCP mode. This only lasts a few days though before it reverts back to the default IP address.

2. Set it to Static IP with the correct settings for my network. Again, this only lasts a few days before it is back to Reseting it back to DHCP picks up the correct IP, and I can go through ElkRP2 and M1XEP Setup to change it back to Static, but it only maintains for a few days.

This problem started occurring a month or so after I upgraded to firmware 1.3.10/bootware 1.2.0. I never experienced this issue on the earlier version - probably only a coincidence. Here is probably the strangest thing, the MAC address of the M1XEP appears to have changed. It now has a different MAC address than the original one printed on the label. When this mystery MAC address change occured seems to correlate with the timing of when this problem started happenning.

Anyone else have a similar issue?

Edited by jefoley on 01/09/2011 01:46 PM

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