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Forums :: ELK-RM "Software for User Remote Control" :: Android Platform App

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Android Platform App
Posted by cdonahou on 07/17/2010 11:21 AM

With all four major cellular service carriers now selling multiple Android handsets, and sales are now accelerating, has anyone heard any rumblings of an Android platform application for the M1? I'll preorder from a reputable source.

Re: Android Platform App
Posted by nerdboytodd on 08/02/2010 12:20 PM

This is the only app holding me back from ditching my HTC Touch Pro with with Windows Mobile. Please tell me there's one in the works or available!

Re: Android Platform App
Posted by jgalu on 08/22/2010 03:16 PM

The only app I have seen is for IPhone..... I would also like to see an app for android and blackberry, but I would not hold your breath

Re: Android Platform App
Posted by michelkenny on 08/22/2010 06:19 PM

Check out http://www.cocoontech.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=17074 and http://www.cocoontech.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=17072

Edited by michelkenny on 08/22/2010 06:20 PM

Re: Android Platform App
Posted by Quixote on 11/05/2010 10:59 AM

Try ElkDroid. It's awesome. There is also going to be an update shortly that will include thermostat control as well as several other enhancements.

Edited by Quixote on 11/05/2010 11:01 AM

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