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Forums :: ElkRP "Software for Installer Programming" :: Lighting Rules Not Working

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Lighting Rules Not Working
Posted by ericgst on 06/26/2010 01:54 AM

Hello, I am trying to setup my M1 to control my Insteon lighting during certain events however I get no response from my lighting rules during actual physical testing or via the Test button in ElkRP. I can however toggle the lights on and off via the keypad. My Hardware and Firmware is as following… Elk M1 Gold V0.13 3.3.6 5.2.2 M1XEP V1.0 1.2.0 1.310 ISY 99i (1020) 2.7.15 The current rules I am testing with… WHENEVER ENTRY DELAY, ANY AREA STARTS AND Front Porch [2{A2}] IS OFF THEN TURN Front Porch [2{A2}] ON, FADE RATE = 0 WHENEVER ANY BURGLAR ALARM, ANY AREA TURNS ON THEN TURN ALL LIGHTS ON, HOUSECODE A WHENEVER Front Door (Zn 25) BECOMES NOT SECURE THEN TURN ALL LIGHTS ON, HOUSECODE A None of these rules are working, even when clicking the Test button in the Rules area of ElkRP. Can anyone assist me in troubleshooting what I am doing wrong? Thanks, Eric

Re: Lighting Rules Not Working
Posted by dlamb on 06/27/2010 08:03 PM

While ELK-RP is connected to the M1XEP it has full communication with the M1G. You'll need to disconnect from ELK-RP so that the M1G's lighting commands can be transmitted to the ISY over the network.

The ALL LIGHTS ON and ALL LIGHTS OFF commands are used for X-10 devices only. That same functionally can be done by using Insteon Groups. With the ISY you can set up the Groups and then import the lighting file generated by the ISY into the M1G using ELK-RP. Change the ALL ON/OFF Rules to control the M1G lighting device number associated with the specific group(s).

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