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Forums :: M1 & M1EZ8 Controls :: Can not ARM with 4.6.2

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Can not ARM with 4.6.2
Posted by mohansen on 05/19/2010 04:21 PM

I upgraded the system with 4.6.0 and then again to 4.6.2 and now I am not able to arm the system through ElkRMS or eKeypad. Has anyone else seen this problem?

Re: Can not ARM with 4.6.2
Posted by bradweeks on 05/19/2010 05:55 PM

Please try Defaulting your system and then reloading the account making Sure Globals G29- G42 Serial Port 0 all six items are checked and sent to the control. Did you also update your M1XEP to 1.3.10? If so use RP connect to the system click M1XEP Setup and under TCP/IP Setting tab uncheck and then check Non-Secure Port 2101 and the Secure Port should be 2601 --- click Send at the bottom of the screen and let the M1XEP Reboot or manually Reboot.

Default the entire Control Make sure your ELK-RP Account is up to date with information in the panel
Press the ELK key on the Keypad
Screen should display 1-View/Control Automation Fncts
Press the 9 key
Screen should display 9-Installation Programming
Press the Right arrow key
System should prompt you "Auth Required Enter Valid PIN" ---- 172839 Factory Default
Screen Should display 01-Bus Module Enrollment
Type 07
Screen should display 07-Global System Definitions
Press the Right Arrow Key
Screen should display G01:=x.
Type 45
Screen should display G45:DefaultCtl 81=User Codes
Press the Right Arrow Key and Type 99
This step will default the system back to Factory Settings

Edited by bradweeks on 05/19/2010 05:56 PM

Re: Can not ARM with 4.6.2
Posted by mohansen on 05/19/2010 11:52 PM

I had upgraded the M1XEP when I went to 4.6.0. I did the TCP/IP step and let it reboot. That seemed to work. I did not have to default the entire control. thanks,

Re: Can not ARM with 4.6.2
Posted by mohansen on 05/21/2010 11:41 PM

Upon further testing, I am still having difficulty arming the system. I can arm it through ElkRP but not with ElkRM or eKeypad. I have defaulted the system and done all the other steps. Using RM and eKeypad I can control and read status of zones, control HVAC, etc. but not arm the system. I cannot control my lighting through the ISY99. I am trying to connect locally on the same network. I have tried both secure and non secure ports. Am I the only one having these struggles?

Re: Can not ARM with 4.6.2
Posted by wuench on 05/24/2010 10:49 AM

For the ISY you may need to re-import all your data into the Elk.

Re: Can not ARM with 4.6.2
Posted by mohansen on 05/24/2010 11:37 PM

I tried importing the ISY into the Elk. While it didn't change anything with regards to the Elk being able to control the ISY, it does cause the ISY to lock up. I have to reboot the ISY before I can access it. Once rebooted, everything is fine until the Elk talks to the ISY. I also get an error every night when the Elk tries to update from the time server. I run the test and it works fine but for some reason it doesn't work at 2am. I thought I would try to downgrade the firmware but the boot image does not support 4.5.24 and it doesn't seem to let me downgrade the boot image. Basically the M1G has become not functional for anything I use it for.

Re: Can not ARM with 4.6.2
Posted by teduncan on 05/25/2010 09:10 AM

Are you using ElkRM and eKeypad on devices/PCs connected to the LOCAL network or connected through the Internet?

You said zone status, HVAC, etc. works. Does this include outputs, lighting (thru ElkRM), and other functions thru ElkRM? Does HVAC control ALWAYS work? Have you verified by examining the thermostat after changing a setting thru ElkRM?

Connect with ElkRP and RECEIVE ALL, then check Globals G29-42 as Brad suggested to verify all boxes are checked there.

See if you can connect to the system using HyperTerminal (hyperterminal is not available on Win Vista or Win7) - Click Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Communications -> Hyperterminal. If prompted, enter a name for this session and click OK. In "Connect Using" select TCP/IP (Winsock), then enter the IP address of the M1XEP and Port 2101. Click OK. Wait several seconds for a line such as "16XK......" Go open some doors/windows, arm/disarm thru the keypad, etc. You should see several lines in HyperTerminal's window at this point. Post back here your answers to all the above and whether the HyperTerminal test worked or not.

Re: Can not ARM with 4.6.2
Posted by mohansen on 05/25/2010 03:45 PM

A couple updates. This morning, my system started working with the ISY. I didn't make any changes since last night when my ISY was locking up. Upon further testing, I was still not able to arm/disarm using Elk RM or eKeypad. I worked directly with Elk Support today and they found that I needed to uncheck "Access" under the user accounts. Under Users in ELK-RP open each User to see if "Access" is checked and if so please uncheck and send to the control. Once ELK-RP has disconnected from the control please retest Arming and Disarming from eKeypad. Once I did this, I was able to Arm/Disarm using eKeypad. So right now, everything is working on 4.6.2. Will continue to monitor and test over the next few days.

Re: Can not ARM with 4.6.2
Posted by jaysonc on 09/13/2010 04:59 PM

I can confirm that starting with version 4.6.2 and 5.2.2 the way user codes with "Access" enabled has been fixed by Elk. Unfortunately the effect of this fix sometimes will require a special setup in eKeypad. Specifically, if a user code has "Access" checked the M1 can be disarmed from eKeypad but the M1 can not be armed. If you are in this scenario there are two options: 1. Verify that access is needed for the user code. If the code is not used for access control then it is highly unlikely that it needs to be enabled. Disabling the access check box will allow the original user code to arm the M1 from eKeypad. 2. If the user code does require access to be enabled, the following workaround will provide a transparent solution. - The first step is to use Elk-RP to create a special eKeypad user. Be sure and give this new user the same level of access as the original user code. Leave the "Access" check box unchecked. - The second step is to change the eKeypad configuration and replace the old user code with the new eKeypad user code in the "Valid User Code" field. - The final step is to turn the "Any Code To Disarm" toggle to the ON position. - Be sure and save the configuration changes in eKeypad. After performing either option only minor changes can be seen in the way eKeypad is used. - The original user code can still be used normally for access control. - Pressing the quick-arm buttons in eKeypad will properly arm the M1. (using the new eKeypad user code) - Typing the original user code into the eKeypad keypad screen will disarm the M1. - The only change in how eKeypad works is that the original user code can not be typed into the eKeypad keypad screen to arm the M1. -- Jayson Callaway eKeypad Mobile Solutions

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