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Forums :: ElkRP "Software for Installer Programming" :: HAI Omnistat/2 RC-2000 Won't Connect

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HAI Omnistat/2 RC-2000 Won't Connect
Posted by Phillip41 on 03/26/2010 11:59 AM

I have a new HAI Omnistat/2 RC-2000 Thermostat that will not communicate with my M1G system. I've done everything by both the ELK M1XSP Rev. G 5/19/09 and HAI Installation Manuals. I've updated the firmware of the M1XSP to 70.0.2 as required.The firmware of the thermostat is 1.04. I have a Light Interface M1XSP at the E.O.L. that works perfectly. I'm not sure how to tell if the thermostat is even transmitting data but the M1KP on Task 6: Thermostat continues to read "NOT ENABLED" . Besides sending the thermostat to HAI to test, I'm not sure what else to check. Any ideas? ELK-M1XSP THERMOSTAT INTERFACE 1. Firmware Version: 70.0.2 2. Boot Version: 1.0.1 3. Data Bus Address Position: 1 4. Hardware Version: 0.3 5. BAUD: S1=1, S2=1, S3=0 (2400) 6. Mode: S5=1, S6=0, S7=1, S8=0 7. JP1: none 8. JP2: none 9. JP3: "232" Position 10. JP5: YES ("ON") 11. Wires From RS-232 to Thermostat: Black to N/C; Red to Black; Green to Green; White to White 12. Wires From M1XSP to M1 Control Terminal: +12V to +VKP (Red); A to A (Green); B to B (WHITE); Neg to Neg (Black) HAI Omnistat/2 RC-2000 THERMOSTAT SETTINGS 1. Firmware Version: 1.04 2. J8 COMM Jumper: REMOVED 3. Installation Settings: a. Thermostat Address: 1 b. Communications Mode: Serial; System Baud=2400; Expansion Baud=2400 c. System Options: System Type= HEAT PUMP ; System Mode= AUTO CHANGEOVER ; Fan On w/Heat Stage= 1, 2 & 3 d. Program Options: None e. Calibration Offset: -1.5 degrees F f. Cool Setpoint Limit: 51 degrees F g. Heat Setpoint Limit: 91 degrees F h. Cool/Heat Min On/Off: Cool Min ON = 7; Cool Min OFF= 8; Heat Min ON = 7; Heat Min OFF = 8 i. Stage Settings: Cool Stages = 1; Heat Stages = 2 j. EEC Control: Cool EEC = 5; Heat EEC = 5; Aux Heat Differential = 2 degrees F k. Anticipator Control: Cool = 5; Heat = 5; 2nd/3rd Stage Extended On: OFF l. Humidity Options: Dehumidifier Output = Fan Speed Control; Humidifier Output = Humidifier m. Zigbee Network: NOT ENROLLED n. Emergency Heat Options: EM Heat Output = None o. Temperature Sensors: Internal = Enabled; Externals 1-3 = Disabled

Edited by Phillip41 on 03/26/2010 04:12 PM

Re: HAI Omnistat/2 RC-2000 Won't Connect
Posted by dlamb on 03/26/2010 04:19 PM

What thermostat address is assigned to the Omnistat? If it is address #1,2,3, or 4, then the M1XSP used for the Omnistat must be bus address 1. What bus address is the other M1XSP for lighting set to?
The wiring from the M1XSP's W037A cable to the thermostat's terminal strip is as follows:
White wire connects to the Omnistat's Comm terminal labeled Yellow.
Green wire connects to the Omnistat's Comm terminal labeled Green.
Red wire connects to the Omnistat's Comm terminal labeled Black.
Black wire connects to the Omnistat's Comm terminal labeled N/C.
If there is a jumper across the Omnistat's Comm terminals labeled Black and N/C - remove it.
The Baud Rate that you selected for the Omnistat (in programming) must match the Baud Rate jumper setting of the M1XSP . We suggest selecting 2400 Baud, for that setting the M1XSP jumpers S1 = 1, S2 = 1.
The M1XSP JP5 jumper must be installed on the posts. JP3 set to "232" Mode jumpers S5 = 1, S6 = 0, S7 = 1, S8 = 0.
Reset the power to the ELK system and the Omnistat. On power up the M1XSP will poll looking for the thermostats to reply. This synchronization process could take a couple of minutes before the ELK gets the Omnistat data.
Don Lamb - ELK Products.

Edited by dlamb on 03/26/2010 04:48 PM

Re: HAI Omnistat/2 RC-2000 Won't Connect
Posted by Phillip41 on 03/26/2010 05:19 PM

Don, I had everything set as you wrote which is exactly the same configuration in the description of my problem. In frustration, I pulled the faceplate of the thermostat off to annotate the Seriel Number markings to get a RA from HAI. After I reattached the thermostat faceplate to the base, I looked over at my RMS program and sure as day the data from the thermostat was being displayed on the climate page except for humidity. There is no data being represented.

Re: HAI Omnistat/2 RC-2000 Won't Connect
Posted by dlamb on 03/29/2010 09:35 AM

Phillip, if I understand, you now have the thermostat working with ELK-RMS except for humidity. Correct? ELK-RMS doesn't display the thermostat's humidity reading.
Don Lamb - ELK Products

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