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Forums :: ElkRP "Software for Installer Programming" :: zone reporting of email and phone notification

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zone reporting of email and phone notification
Posted by miketartamella on 03/01/2010 01:04 PM

I've decided to forgo a Security Reporting Service and rely on my M1G to notify me via cell phone and email (and text using number@vtext.com). EMAIL and PHONE - Using rules, I've configured my system to send me an email indicating an intrusion Whenever any alarm, any area turns on Then Send mail message 1 to (email address) Then Dial (phone number) and announce message It would be very helpful if I was able to include the zone in both the email and voice message which caused the intrusion but haven't figured out how to do that. Is that possible? My phone reporting format is 5 (voice message). REMOTE PHONE SUPPORT - Following an intrusion and accesing my system via remote phone, the system reports "Memory" to me. I assume this is indicating that the system has information available as to the cause of the alarm condition. I haven't been able to determine how to listen to that memory or determine which zone caused the intrusion (assuming the zone returned to normal state). Thank you, Mike

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