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Forums :: ElkRP "Software for Installer Programming" :: Smoke Detector Sensor(4WTA-B) Problems

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Smoke Detector Sensor(4WTA-B) Problems
Posted by jaketaft76 on 02/06/2010 03:44 PM

Hi, I've had an Elk M1 Gold for a year now and am finaly getting around to hooking up some Sensor (4WTA-B) 4-wire smokes. The sensor smokes said they required a Supervisory Relay(SR, 4-wire(2purple and red(+) Black(-)) so I bought that as well and have that hooked up into the circuit. Basiclly I have hooked up just one of the Smokes and havent been able to get it to work, the minute i enable it i get a Fire Trouble. First off, once the circuit is hooked up i am going into the RP software, finding that particular zone and setting it to Fire Alarm, when i send that to panel, all hell breaks loose. I have parralled the relay in with the 1st smoke. is that correct? thats how the sensor instruction show it. An by parralled i mean, all the Positives for the smoke and the relay are all wirenutted together and terminated on the SAUX +, all the negatives are wire together and terminated on the NEG (in the panel). The two puple wires on the SR are tied to the Pos and Neg of the zone and I also have a 2.2k ohm EOLR tied betweent one of the Puple wires on the SR and the zone terminal. I used a 2.2k ohm cuz thats what the manual said for the Elk, but the Sensor instructions say to use a 1k ohm. which is it. Do I have the Zone inside the RP panel set up correctly? Should it be set to 10-Fire Alarm or 11-Fire Verified or 12-Fire Supervised? and when i turn power back on the Sensor device has an LED that flashes green, which seems correct. Any Ideas? Also i have them on a zone that is on an expander card. Card #3 Zone1. is that a problem?

Edited by jaketaft76 on 02/06/2010 06:43 PM

Re: Smoke Detector Sensor(4WTA-B) Problems
Posted by bradweeks on 02/06/2010 07:24 PM

Refer to page 6 of the M1 Installation Manual for more information on the Supervisory Relay. First I would suggest connecting the 4-Wire Smoke to the system without the Supervisory Relay and get it setup and working. A 4-wire smoke detector can be connected to any zone on the M1 with the power connected to +SAUX and NEG. The Zone Definition can be 10 or 11 with the Type = 5 4-Wire Smoke. The 2.2K ohm resistor must be connected across the alarm contacts of the smoke detector. Send the zone information to the control and if "Fire Trouble" is displayed enter your 4-digit code at the keypad and perform the smoke power reset --- Press ELK, Press 2 Key and press right arrow. Once the zone is setup and working then connect the Supervisory relay.

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