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Forums :: ElkRP "Software for Installer Programming" :: ElkRP 2.0.4 Difficulties

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ElkRP 2.0.4 Difficulties
Posted by dutchyn on 01/21/2010 10:31 AM

I tried using ElkRP 2.0.4 last night, with surprising results. It updated my database, but then misread my enrollment, dropping the last keypad (I have KP2 @1, @2, @3, @4, and KPAS@14, @15, @16) into the input expander list as an M1XRF1N with bootware and firmware versions from the KPAS). That pushed my M1XIN@2 to @3, which made my M1XRF2G@3 to @4 (making it into hardwired, and losing my RF wireless setup) etc. I stopped RP2.0.4, and started it again, this time it got the device addresses right, but wireless setup was still gone. I removed the hardwired inputs@3, added the zones back as wireless, but discovered that the voice description for all the zones on input@3 (#33--48) are "grouped" (along with the voice description for the KPAS@16.). If I change the voice description on zone 33, then they're changed to the same new thing for zones 34--48, and also for the KPAS@16. I like the coloured icons; but the disabled icon in the task editor is yellow -- very low contrast (for me) -- I can't read it unless I move the mouse onto the button. My real goal in going to ElkRP 2.0.4 was to get support for the 5.1.24 firmware; but my copy of Elk RP 2.0.4 reports that 5.1.24 is unrecognized firmware and that I shouldn't load it. So I haven't loaded it. So, I've gone back to ElkRP 1.6.26.

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