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Forums :: ELK-RM "Software for User Remote Control" :: Sending IP commands to an A/V device on the LAN

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Sending IP commands to an A/V device on the LAN
Posted by rajah9 on 01/07/2010 01:21 PM

I have a Denon AVR-4308CI. This model allows me to send commands over TCP port 23. Anyway, I have an Elk M1 Gold and an M1XEP interface. I also have an M1XSP, but I am not using it. I have set my Netgear router to assign a static IP address for the Denon. How do I get Elk RP to send a string like PWON (Meaning "main PoWer ON") to a specific address like I would like to wake to music, and issue the Power On command at, say, 6:30. (The Denon with the in-ceiling speakers would be a lot better than the current AM/FM clock radio.) The Denon also lacks a sleep feature, and I would like it to turn off 30 minutes after a task ("Good Night") is executed. Two-way RS-232 is not really needed for these tasks, and I will only be using a handful of commands. Thanks for your help. (This is a cross-post from CocoonTech.) So is it possible to send a string to a given IP address from the Elk?

Edited by rajah9 on 01/09/2010 10:55 PM

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