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Forums :: ElkRP "Software for Installer Programming" :: Elk M1 commands to RCS ZCv6

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Elk M1 commands to RCS ZCv6
Posted by JasonHerb on 01/06/2010 05:44 AM

I've just begun setting up my RCS zoned HVAC controller with my M1. The connections are all good, but I'm having trouble figuring out the format to send commands (out the Elk serial expander) to the ZCv control. The basic type commands like the examples in the M1SXP manual seem to work fine. Now I'm trying to send commands in the RCS message format to do more specific actions. Is there someplace I can find some sample rules written for this purpose? (using the RCS format of A=xxx, O=xx, command, command,...CR) I thought a proper rule might be: WHENEVER (my condition is met) THEN SEND THE FOLLOWING TEXT: "A=002,SPC=66^M" THROUGH PORT 3 I must be doing something stupid, because this only sends a text message to my RCS thermostat that reads A=002,SPC=66. Thanks! -Jason

Re: Elk M1 commands to RCS ZCv6
Posted by bradweeks on 01/07/2010 03:28 PM

Are you wanting to send commands to the RCS controller other than the thermostat commands available through M1 Rules? If so, what commands would you like to send?

Re: Elk M1 commands to RCS ZCv6
Posted by JasonHerb on 01/07/2010 04:52 PM

Yep. Well, first thing I was going to try was sending the TIME to the ZCv6 in a regular basis. My RCS unit loses the clock info a lot. I also wanted to do some work with the smartvent (i.e. bringing in outside air based on some multi-part rules.) But I guess once I have the format down, I could do any of hundreds of things available in the RCS serial comm protocol. :) Is there anyplace to reference samples of this format? THANKS! -JH

Re: Elk M1 commands to RCS ZCv6
Posted by JasonHerb on 01/11/2010 02:11 AM

Elk provided me with a firmware update for the XSP to allow the ascii commands to be sent through the serial port to the RCS zone hvac controller.

Here are the details in case anyone else is doing the same:

Please update your M1XSP with the attached firmware version 1.0.43 dated 2DEC09.

You'll need to also create a Text string in ELK-RP. The Text string should start with the character >. The character > is the indication for the M1XSP to send the following characters to the RCS unit. The following characters follow the RCS Ascii protocol.

For the Display Lock command the string can be "A=255,O=00,DL=1^M" (do not include the quotes and the O=00 is the letter O followed by the equal sign and zero and zero). With A=255, this is a global command and will lock all of the Wall Unit Display's front buttons that are on the network.

ELK-RP's Text string should look like this: >A=255,O=00,DL=1^M
Unlock command should look like: >A=255,O=00,DL=0^M

Write an ELK-RP Rule to use the text strings and send it out Port x (x being the address of the M1XSP). Our M1XSP Engineer tested it here on his bench and it worked great.

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