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Forums :: ElkRP "Software for Installer Programming" :: XEP reboots on email test

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XEP reboots on email test
Posted by hoffpauir on 11/29/2009 07:08 PM

New install with brand new hardware. When I click test on M1XEP Setup - Email tab, I get a Communications Error: System did not respond. Connection may have been terminated. The XEP then reboots. I can reconnect RP to program, change settings, etc. but can not get a test email to send. I've set several of these up, but no success here. Any ideas??? Thanks!

Re: XEP reboots on email test
Posted by bradweeks on 11/30/2009 04:22 PM

Make sure you are using ELk-RP Version 1.6.26 and the ELK-M1XEP is running Firmware 1.2.14

With the account open click the M1XEP Setup under the TCP/IP Settings Tab:
IP Address is the M1XEP on the LAN ----------------- for example
Subnet Mask in most cases will be
Default gateway is the IP Address of the router --- for example
Primary DNS Server ----- Contact your Internet Service Provider to obtain their DNS Server Address. You may also try to locate through Start, Run, cmd , ipconfig /all
Enable Non-Secure Port 2101
Secure Port 2601

Under the Email Tab:
Server URL/IP Address is the IP Address for your mail server
"From" email address must be valid
Port ----depends on email service provider for example 25
Username which is used to access the email account
Password which is used to access the email account
Email Address 1 must be correct
At this time the M1XEP cannot send emails to email service providers which require SSL encryption on the body of the email message for example Gmail, Hotmail and the free Yahoo Account. The ELK-RP Rules will not send an email while ELK-RP is connected to the system but the "TEST" button should send Email #1 (M1XEP Firmware 1.2.14).

Re: XEP reboots on email test
Posted by hoffpauir on 11/30/2009 09:21 PM

Thanks for the quick response. I had everything correct, except I had the non-secure port disabled. All software and firmware are up to date as this is a brand new system (I verified as well). After enabling the secure port, sending to system, and rebooting XEP, I clicked test again. Now, I don't get an error, it just disconnects after clicking test. Any other ideas? Thanks!

Re: XEP reboots on email test
Posted by hoffpauir on 11/30/2009 09:37 PM

I just duplicated the error on another installed system at another location. I did have to upgrade the RP and XEP firmware, and after all reboots, clicking the test causes the XEP to disconnect and reboot. I verified all settings as indicated herin, but am still having the same issue. Can anyone else try this that does not yet have email setup?

Re: XEP reboots on email test
Posted by bradweeks on 12/01/2009 09:12 AM

Export your M1XEP Setup for review:

Steps to Export Account Information:
With the account open click on the Print Icon from the toolbar
Check mark "This Account" and click Preview
Click "Clear All"
Check mark the items to be exported ----- M1XEP Setup
Click OK
From the ElkRP Account Report screen click on the icon in the upper left-hand corner of the screen which resembles an envelope with red arrow pointing into the envelope
From the Export screen Format Acrobat Format (PDF) ; Destination: Disk file; click OK
Export Option --- click OK
Save in --------- select Desktop
File name: ----- create a name with .pdf extension
Click Save
Attach the file to an email and send to brad.weeks@elkproducts.com

Re: XEP reboots on email test
Posted by GTJill on 12/21/2009 05:51 PM

I am also seeing the same behavior on my newly installed M1XEP. After I click "test", it says "Disconnecting" then "Control has disconnected". I am running ELK-RP 1.6.26 and M1XEP firmware 1.2.14. I am confident of the TCP/IP setup because the time server feature works and I am able to remotely access the M1XEP from the Internet (i.e. outside my LAN).

Re: XEP reboots on email test
Posted by kkahl on 01/07/2010 02:01 PM

I can also confirm seeing this problem while recently adding an XEP (running 1.2.14) to my system. For what it's worth, the problem seemed to occur when I had supplied a valid smtp server but a port (485, 587) implementing a protocol unsupported by XEP (TLS) or a server that I didn't have permission to send through (didn't realize at the time). So, my guess is that there are some types of server failure response packets that the XEP does not handle well. Once I finally found an smtp server that supports authenticated login via port 25 and does NOT require SSL encryption, I was able to configure those settings and have had no further trouble. You know what would be really nice? Syslog support with detailed log messages coming from the XEP during the smtp session establishment attempts...

Re: XEP reboots on email test
Posted by bradweeks on 01/08/2010 09:01 AM

If invalid SMTP settings are entered, the XEP will have difficulty trying to send an email message to the outgoing mail server. In some cases, while trying to access the server, the XEP's OS will wait a long time for a reply that may never come. This operation is outside Elk's control as it is an OS function. The XEP is designed with a watchdog circuit that monitors the firmware and OS. If it detects what looks like a lock-up condition, it will reset the XEP, causing the observed disconnection. If the OS is blocked for a long time trying to send an email message, it could appear as a lock-up. This behavior is actually desirable, because, in the event a true lock-up occurs, the watchdog will reset the XEP, causing it to resume normal operation. Once you figure out the correct SMTP settings for your mail provider, it should work smoothly from then on. Things to keep in mind are, you cannot use a mail provider that requires SSL encrypted email message bodies (such as Gmail) as one poster noted. Examine your settings in Outlook or other email client. Use the same URL, port, username, and password as found there.

Re: XEP reboots on email test
Posted by JasonHerb on 01/11/2010 02:05 AM

Any chance we could find a list (or at least one, would be nice) of available mail servers that are KNOWN to work with the XEP, and possibly the configuration parameters? Seems like a lot of trial and error going on here. I just started the same process (test/XEP boots me off/wait....test, etc.) Personally I have a Hostway account I was trying to get to work, but no luck. Thanks! JH

Re: XEP reboots on email test
Posted by royjones on 07/26/2010 11:53 PM

I agree. I have been uanble to get email to function for me.com or att.yahoo.com. All want SSL. Sugest ELK consider a mail server just for M1EXP that way setp should be easy and controled by ELK to keep changes from affecting setups.

Re: XEP reboots on email test
Posted by dbwood on 08/23/2010 04:45 PM

If your router supports setting up a virtual server then it can be done. I did it with AT&T and D-Link DIR 825. See subject ' email still not working on elk'

Edited by dbwood on 08/23/2010 04:50 PM

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