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Forums :: M1 & M1EZ8 Controls :: Feature Request: 2-Way Communication for MIXZW Module

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Feature Request: 2-Way Communication for MIXZW Module
Posted by ocesi on 10/03/2009 01:53 AM

What I'd like to see now is 2-way capabilities on the MIXZW to received commands from the ZWAVE Devices that support 2-way communication like the Vizia RF+ Products. The reason I say this is I am thinking of putting a PC in play on an installation to augment the capabilities of the ZWAVE Network where the ELK falls short. However, should the 2-way communication issue be rectified then the system would be a more complete automation solution.... This would also allow people to install a ZWAVE Scene controller that could override existing automation programming at the push of a button for example.

Re: Feature Request: 2-Way Communication for MIXZW Module
Posted by bradweeks on 10/05/2009 04:53 PM

At the time ELK introduced the ELK-M1XZW none of the Z-Wave manufacturers automatically reported status from their light switches. Or, if they did we weren't aware of it! Because of issues beyond ELK's control we are not able to receive two-way status when the device is controlled at the device.

With the release of the ViziaRF product line and because Leviton offered a RS-232 interface device (the RZC0P); we felt it would make the most sense to interface the ELK-M1XSP with that device for the people who want to use Leviton Z-Wave.

At this time ELK Products has no plans to make any changes to the ELK-M1XZW.

Re: Feature Request: 2-Way Communication for MIXZW Module
Posted by trandm on 11/29/2010 01:48 AM

If you upgrade the Z-wave module PCB within the Elk-m1xzw to a third generation z-wave chip would the elk-m1xzw support 2-way communications? Would you need new firmware upgrade to have 2-way communications? Elk-m1xzw currently have first genration z-wave chip set. Upgrade PCB can be purchase from digikey: http://search.digikey.com/scripts/DkSearch/dksus.dll?Detail&name=703-1026-ND

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