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Q: What Agency listings does the M1 have?
A: The M1 currently has the following agency listings:
Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
UL 1023, Household Burglary
ULC C1023-74, Canadian Household Burg
UL 985, Household Fire
ULC S545-02, Canadian Residential Fire
UL 1635, Digital Alarm Communicator
UL 1637, Home Health Care Signaling
UL 1610, Central Station Burglar
UL 365, Police Station Connected Burglar
UL 609, Local Burglar Alarm
ULC S303, Canadian Local Burglar Alarm
UL S304, Canadian Central & Monitoring Station Burglar Alarm
CSA C22.2 No. 205-M1983, Canadian Signaling Equipment

Q: Are there any wireless bill traps that are compatible with the Elk M1?
A: The solution is to combine a GE Security 3555B Bill Trap with one of their wireless door transmitters (NX-450). The Elk M1 uses the GE "Caddx" wireless receiver.

Q: Are there different models of the M1?
A: Yes, there are 2 models. The ELK-M1G (Gold) has 16 main zones expandable to 208. The ELK-M1EZ8 is a smaller version with 8 main zones expandable to 200. Among the key differences are that the ELK-M1G has a built-in voice vocabulary, telephone remote, On/Off Switch, and Low Battery Cutoff which the M1EZ8 does not. The ELK-M1EZ8 is for smaller jobs although both panels share nearly the same security and automation programmability.

Q: THERMOSTATS - Which brands will work with the M1?
A: There are 3 brands of thermostats that are compatible with the M1: RCS Models TR-16 & TR40 (RS-232 or RS-485), Aprilaire Model 8870 (RS-232), and HAI models RC-80 & RC-100 (RS-232).

Q: LIGHTING - Which manufacturers and devices can the M1 interface with?
A: The M1 interfaces with both hardwired (low voltage) and powerline control (PLC) lighting including: Leviton, Lightolier Compose, PCS, UPB, Smarthome Mfg, X10, A10, ONQ -ALC, Centralite, EDT, Vantage, and others.

Q: Crestron - Can the M1 interface with Crestron?
A: Crestron has a published driver available from their website. It supports primary alarm functionality.

Q: TWO WAY VOICE - Is this integrated and are additional modules required?
A: Two Way Voice is integrated. An inexpensive interface (ELK-M1TWI) is needed to connect the microphones. It provides 3 separate zones with up to 4 microphones per zone.

Q: TEMPERATURE - What types/brands of remote temperature sensors can be read by the M1?
A: The ELK-M1ZTS Zone Temperature Sensor allows temperature readings from -50 to +140 F degrees. Up to 16 can be connected to an M1 Control. Also available is the ELK-M1ZTSR which comes with a longer (7 ft) remote probe.

Q: ARM/DISARM - Can the M1 be programmed for automatic Arming & Disarming?
A: Yes, a rule can be written to do these events.

Q: NETWORK - What can the ELK-M1XEP Ethernet interface be used for and what speeds does it support?
A: The ELK-M1XEP supports 10/100BASE-T connection speeds and allows remote PC programming and/or operation of the M1 from virtually anywhere in the world, and more.

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