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Q: RCS - Which RCS Thermostats will interface to the M1 and how many may be connected?
A: The M1 will interface with RCS models TR16 and TR40 Thermostats. An ELK-M1XSP Interface is required. The total number of theremostats depends on the RCS version selected. With the RCS 485 versions, up to 16 thermostats may be connected to the ELK-M1G using 1 M1XSP Interface. With the RCS 232 versions, only 7 thermostats may be connected to the ELK-M1G and each one must have its own M1XSP Interface. The ELK-M1 Standard can have only 2 thermostats regardless of the RCS version.

For information on RCS Thermostats click on the link below:


Q: Does the M1 have battery load shed built-in?
A: The M1 has low battery disconnect built-in. When operating off backup battery (due to AC power fail), the M1 generates a low battery trouble when the voltage reaches 11.2 VDC. If battery voltage drops to ~10 VDC (+/- 2%), the M1 disconnects the battery and shuts down. This is to prevent low voltage false alarms and battery deep discharge.

Q: Can the M1 Standard be upgraded to the M1 Gold at a later date after install and if so what is involved?
A: Thanks to the plug-in terminals you can pull out an M1 Standard board and replace it with an M1 Gold board (or vice versa), but an M1 Standard board cannot be upgraded to a Gold.

Q: POLLING LOOP - Does the M1 have addressable point ID? I.E. A polling loop?
A: No, not at this time.

Q: DST - Does the M1 adjust for Daylight Savings Time?
A: Yes, the M1 automatically adjusts for Daylight Savings time. The start and stop days can be adjusted using the ELK-RP software. FYI: The M1G (Gold) also has a built-in astronomical clock so that it knows when sunrise and sunset occur.

Q: WIRELESS - How often does the M1 "poll" the NX wireless transmitters? And is that adjustable?
A: Neither the NX receiver nor the M1 can "poll" the wireless transmitters. A wireless device would have to be a "transceiver" in order to be polled. Predominantly all wireless security transmitters are transmit only - they do not receive. However, they do transmit a "check-in" signal approximately once per hour. It's up to the receiver programming to establish how many missed check-ins are allowed before a transmitter is considered missing. The M1 allows you to adjust the NX receiver supervision check-in interval from 1 to 255 hours. The default is 4 hours for Fire and 24 hours for all others.

Q: Does the M1 work with Carbon Monoxide Detectors? If so, which ones?
A: Any Carbon Monoxide Detector that is designed to work with an alarm system will work with the M1.

Q: Can the CADDX wireless receiver be connected back to a keypad or does it have to be mounted at the panel?
A: The Caddx NX receiver must be connected to the special "Aux Data Bus" connector on the M1 Control board. This requires an ELKWO35A wiring connector (sold separately). It cannot connect to the M1 data bus or keypad wiring. It NOTE: While the cable assembly is only 18 inches long, it is possible to remote the receiver up to 200 feet away using four conductor wire.

Q: Does the control process the GE/Caddx/ESL Smoke Detectors "Clean Me" feature? If so, does it work for both the hardwired and wireless detectors? And, does it generate a point or zone ID as part of this or simply send out a global clean me and you then visually inspect the smoke detectors to figure out which one is in the clean me state?
A: Yes the control does process the "Clean Me" feature on Zone 16 which is specifically for 2-wire detectors. However, it does not do this for the wireless smokes. That may change in the future, but unknown as to if and when that may be addressed. On the hardwired units, since it is only Zone 16 it displays "Clean Smoke Det" on the keypad and stores this in the event log. The only way to identify which detector(s) from the 2-wire zone is by a visual inspection.

Q: In the past ELK had a product that would interface with DALLAS iButton "1-wire", does the M1 have the same compatability?
A: Yes, the M1 can now interface with a Dallas iButton reader through a new product called the ELKM1KAM Access Interface. This product is similar to an M1 Keypad except that it does not have a display or any keys. It is designed to accept either a 26bit Wiegand Prox reader or a Dallas iButton reader and to be used to unlock a door. It features a SPDT Relay, inputs for door status and request to exit, plus outputs for door hold open alarm, and Ready/Armed status indicatorss. It currently does not support any other "1-wire" devices other than the iButtons.

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