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Q: ACCESS - Regarding the optional ELK-M1PR prox reader which mounts into the M1KP keypad, what is it's read range and where does the antenna mount?
A: The read range is approximately 1 cm (~3/8") from the face of the keypad. The antenna is built into the reader package which is about the size of 6 quarters stacked up. The reader is invisible from the keypad front.

In lieu of the M1PR, an external prox reader (26 bit Weigand format) can be connected to the keypad.

Q: THERMOSTATS - Do I need an interface?
A: Yes, a ELK-M1XSP interface is needed for thermostats. This device currently works with RCS, Aprilaire, and HAI brand thermostats.

Q: Aprilaire - How many Aprilaire thermostats will work with the M1 Control?
A: Up to 16 Aprilaire thermostats can be connected to the ELK-M1G. An ELK-M1XSP Interface is required along with an Aprilaire 8811 protocol adapter. In addition, Aprilaire recommends that an 8818 distribution panel be used for every 8 thermostats. For more information on Aprilaire Thermostats click on the link below:


Q: Aprilaire - Does the M1 support Aprilaire remote temperature and humidity sensors?
A: There are plans to add this capability but at this time no.

Q: ANALOG ZONES - Can the M1 read analog voltage inputs?
A: Yes, the M1G (Gold) model can accept analog voltage inputs on any of its 208 zones. Rules can be written to analyse readings against certain thresholds and produce actions.

Q: COMMUNICATOR - What communicator (dialer) formats does the M1 support?
A: The M1 supports, SIA, Contact ID, 4+2 Pulse, Pager, and Voice dialing formats.

Q: PC PROGRAMMING - What kind of cable is needed to connect the PC to the control?
A: If the PC has an RS-232 9 pin serial port, all you need is a standard 9 pin male to female serial cable. If it only has a USB serial port you will need an ELK-USB232 USB to RS-232 converter cable.

Q: ACCESS - How do you program the M1 for access control? Do you use the "rules"?
A: For electronic door control (door strike or mag lock) operation, each door requires a dedicated Keypad, a relay output (to switch the voltage), and one or more "Access" enabled user codes. An optional Proximity card reader can be plugged into the keypad(s). A proximity card can then be programmed in place of a 4 or 6 digit user code. The programming steps are:
Step 1: Enable the "Access" authority for the user code.
Step 2: Write a rule stating: Whenever Access Keypad X is activated, Then turn on Output X for X seconds. Substitute a valid Keypad, Output, and time for the Xs.
Step 3: Wire the door strike through the relay so that the strike operates when the contacts change state.

The Access limitations are:
A. The number of doors is limited to the number of keypads.
B. The maximum number of user codes (or prox cards) is 99.

Q: NETWORK - Can the M1 connect to a network or the Internet and if so what is required?
A: Yes, with the addition of an ELK-M1XEP the M1 can be LAN/WAN/Internet connected.

Q: TEMPERATURE - How far can a ELK-M1ZTS Zone Temperature Sensor be mounted (wire length) away from the control?
A: The interface can be mounted up to 1000 feet from the control using (22/4) wire. The temperature sensor is built into a modular plug that plugs into the interface. An optional model is available (ELK-M1ZTSR) with a remote probe attached to the end of a 7 ft. modular cord.

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