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Q Common M1-XEP email issues (hats off to teduncan)
A: 1) Ensure you're not connected via RP when testing sending email. 2) Make sure you have a valid "From" address. Many ISP's and other providers downstream from you will block an email message if they cannot verify the "From" address. 3) Verify your mail server's OUTGOING URL or IP address. Some use different servers for incoming vs. outgoing. 4) If your M1XEP is set to a STATIC address (vs. DHCP), make sure the DNS entries are correct on the TCP/IP Settings page. Otherwise, the M1XEP cannot look up the mail server's URL. 5) If your mail server requires authentication (username/password) check the spelling, upper/lower case, and also check if you have a user ID. Some email providers assign a User ID that is different from your login user name - perhaps you need it instead. (New feature with XEP firmware v1.2) 6) Try a simple rule, like WHENEVER EVERY 5 MINUTES THEN SEND EMAIL MESSAGE 1, to ensure the problem is with the email sending and not the rule.

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