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Q PLC INTERFACES - Which devices are compatible with the M1?
A: For interfacing with PowerLine "PLC" devices there are 3 popular interfaces on the market today. They are: PSC05 by X10 Pro, TW523 by X10, and Powerlinc II by Smarthome Mfg. Each is considered to be capable of 2-way Send and Recieve communications. Unfortunately, Elk has discovered an incompatibility between the M1 and the Smarthome Powerlinc II Interface. Based on the specifications by X10, which permits communications logic levels to be up to 15 Volts, Elk designed its PLC port to use 12 Volt logic levels. Unfortunately, the Powerlinc II appears to be limited to 5 Volt logic. Elk has already taken steps to release a new version M1 circuit board (Rev. I) which will permit full compatibility with the Powerlinc II. This board revision will begin showing up in the field during Jan 05. The revision letter can be found on the upper left corner. For earlier M1 boards the recommended PLC interfaces are the PSC05 or TW523. If one of these are not available, a Powerlinc II interface can be manipulated to work with the M1 in a 1-way (Send Only) mode. To do this set the M1 "Select PLC Mode" Jumper JP2 to the 1-way mode and connect the M1 and the Powerlinc II using its supplied 6pin to 8pin adapter cord. The M1 will be able to transmit and turn PLC devices ON or OFF but will not be able to receive PLC signals and/or react to a PLC command transmitted by another device.

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